Tuesday, August 8, 2017

To My Little Angel

I was just scrolling through my computer and found this little letter that I wrote back when
Ammon and I first started trying to have a baby.


To My Little Angel,

Lately I can't stop dreaming about you. 
You come into my thoughts at the most random moments. 
I daydream about playing trucks and dress ups with you,
putting you in the cutest tiny clothes,
kissing your delicious cheeks and your sweet baby rolls,
tickling your tiny little toes, rocking you to sleep,
and tucking you into your crib wrapped in a fluffy white blanket. 
I daydream of the day I finally get to hold you in my arms and call you mine.
Now, I don't know when this will be.
I don't know when you will be given to me...
 but I can't wait for the day that you will make me a mom.
Right now, your daddy and I are so happy and in love.
Just the two of us is amazing.
We wake up together, snuggle for a couple minutes too long,
eat breakfast together,
 run into each other at school, eat dinner just the two of us. 
Movie night is almost every night, which ends up being,
me falling fast asleep cuddled up next to Dad,
and him having to give me a recap the next morning.. Sorry daddy. 
It sounds pretty dreamy, right?
Life is far from "perfect."
Daddy and I have our ups and our downs.
Our happy days, and our not so happy days. 
But I think we are just being prepared to bring you into our life. 
Sometimes I feel like I could be doing so much more with my life. 
But then I remind myself that I am doing my best.
I have dreamed about being a mom since I was a little girl.
 And I know deep down in my heart that being a mom is what I am meant for.
I can't wait for the day that you need me, just as I need you. 

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