Friday, August 11, 2017

Navy Notes: 7 Months

Teachin her young

Today you were a little fussy so we went outside to play with your toys since the sun was shining!
You instantly got happy!
You love the outdoors.

This happens daily... HAHAHA!

Lunch date with Aunt Callie

Daddy's snap chat.
You missed him while he was gone and he missed you right back!

Your first time swinging!
 You loved it.
You hold your breath, it is hilarious!

Uncle Bridger took some pictures of you with his new camera!

You have discovered your right ear! At first I thought you might have an ear infection because you kept pulling on it bur you weren't fussy, and you were sleeping great! After a couple of days I figured out that you just love to pull on it!

One night, the night of my birthday actually, you woke up and did not want me to put you down. Every time you would fall asleep, I would lay you down, and you would start to cry. So I held you. For hours. And even though I was tired, I loved every minute of it. I knew you needed me, and cherished those moments.

I learned something the hard way. 
Thankfully, nothing too bad happened.
But I was making pancakes one morning, and you reached down 
and burnt your pinky finger on the griddle.
 It was SO SAD.
You cried so hard. I cried with you.

On top of the burn, one morning you woke up screaming. 
That isnt like you at all. 
You are happiest in the morning!
You woke up with the worst diaper rash.
Like, there were blisters!

When you are bored in the car, you like to talk to yourself! 
Daddy and I will be talking and its like you join in on our conversation.

When you are laying on the ground and get excited, your whole body squirms.
Daddy says this is one of his favorite things about you.

As soon as you hear the bath turn on you get SO excited. 
You kick you legs as fast as you can! 
It is hilarious.

You are on the verge of saying "Mama"
You "Mmmmma" all day long!
It makes me so happy!

You love to snuggle your face into your blankie.

You have decided you don't like baby food..
or really any food for that matter...
which stresses me out!!!!

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