Friday, August 11, 2017

Navy Notes: 6 Months

Now let's just press pause.

Visiting sweet Rylynn on her birthday!

This month started out so sad. You got so sick and it absolutely broke our hearts!
You would stare at me with your big blue eyes and I felt so helpless.
You would cough so hard that you would throw up. It was literally the worst thing to see your little body in pain.

But it ended up being my favorite month with you so far! I say that every month but life just gets better with you in it. I love you SO much Navy!

The first thing you do when you wake up is find the mirror in your room and squeal at yourself!
You do that same squeal when you get excited to see someone too!

You love to click you tongue and suck your bottom lip.

I finally forced myself to put you down and give you more tummy time..
You have discovered how to roll over and make it look so easy!
You have also started to sit up all by yourself.
You kind of bend in half after about 30 seconds.

Whenever someone is holding you and you hear my voice, you find me. It is the sweetest thing in the world and makes my mommy heart melt.

For a couple of days you were obsessed with blowing bubbles with you tongue! Its so funny!
I was trying to feed you and you wouldnt take the bottle because you just wanted to blow more bubbles.

You are starting to prefer your crib over mine and daddy's chest which makes me a little sad, but I get more done!

Today Daddy was home! It was Presidents Day so we got to play with him all day long. You were extra happy and I think its because he was home with us and you arent used to that!
Daddy's girl....

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