Friday, August 11, 2017

Navy Notes: 5 Months

Five months?! 
How are you almost a half of a year old??

Nothing beats this

That pucker tho...

My sleeping beauty

4 month check up!

We left for the second time to see Ammon's favorite person in the world..
Kinda funny that the first two times we left you were to see our favorite celebrities.. Ha!


You had your 4 month check up at the beginning of the month.. and you are a big girl!!
96 percentile for weight, 91 for height and 20 for your tiny head!
Your rolls get yummier each day. 
You had a hard time after your shots, but that meant we got to cuddle even more.
Navy girl… you have THEE PRETTIEST BIG BLUE EYES!!
You love to talk in your quite voice.. oh I die each time.
You think I am hilarious! You have been belly laughing at me and it is my most favorite thing ever!!
You are so alert. You love to be apart of the party.
Sweet potatoes and green beans are your fave! Pears, not so much. (yet) Yep, you started solids!
Your amazing sleep schedule got thrown off when you got your shots and you have struggled to sleep through the night ever since… 
You have started to reach.. Daddy is so proud that he taught you how!

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