Friday, August 11, 2017

Navy Notes: 4 Months

Fastest 4 months of my life girlfriend!
Stop growing up!
Month 4 has been my favorite so far… but I say that every month!


You had a massive blow out at church!
It was everywhere!
All over Dads suit, your blanket, the ground, everywhere!

Daddy got surgery on his lumps and I was a nervous wreck the entire time!
I was convinced he was going to throw a clot and we would be left alone..
My mind plays too may games!

All bundled up!

Dad and I went on our first date since you were born!
Carrie Underwood was the only reason I would leave you! Ha!

All of your second cousins!!
Your little bald head is right in the middle :)

Sleeping beauty

You loved all the lights at temple square!

Not too happy about our kisses!

This was your Christmas dress that Grandma Stephanie bought you!
This picture was also the background on Daddy, Grandma Jo's and Grandpa Brad's phones all month long!

You smile with your whole body and it is literally the sweetest thing in the world.
Your giggle is contagious and your voice.. oh your little voice! That actually might be the sweetest thing in the word!
You love hands. You love to suck on your own and hold other peoples hands.
I never understood why people said church is hard with babies. I do now! I swear you are the happiest, most well behaved baby, until its time for church! HA!
You celebrated your first Christmas! You loved playing with the bows,staring at the wrapping paper, and weren't quite sure what to think about Santa!
You finally got to meet Uncle Jake on Skype!!!! It was the best moment. He cried when he saw you.
You love to try and eat everything. You would think everything tastes like chocolate!

You are the sweetest, happiest, yummiest, squishiest, most adorable baby girl Navy Jo.
You are the light of our lives.

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