Thursday, August 10, 2017

Navy Notes: 3 Months

Little Navy you are three months!
Time PLEASE slow down.

This was on your first Thanksgiving..
You were so sick so this is the only picture we got.
You still looked so cute and still performed for everyone.
We only stayed at the party for a little bit.

I love this picture of Navy.
We were at TJ Max and all of a sudden Navy just started to cry uncontrollably, which is so unlike her!
I was trying everything to calm her down. 
I was bouncing her, trying to give her the binkie, I even started singing in the middle of the store!
Nothing was working.
I was getting weird looks from people which made me even more flustered and now that I think about it, it kind of makes me mad that I felt so judged! 
Anyways... I got her in the car seat, we drove home, and she cried the whole way.
It was just down the street but it felt like the longest drive!
We finally got home and I went straight to my bed so I could soothe and cuddle her.
She just laid on my chest, so still. 
After about ten minutes I got my phone out to take a picture and I saw her big blue eyes staring back at me through the camera! 
Those cuddles were the best cuddles ever! She just laid on me, wide awake.

Trump's biggest fan.. Ha!

My open mouth sleeper!!

Sometimes we go to the mall, don't buy a thing, and just walk!

You are obsessed with your left knuckle. You could suck on that thing all day long!
If the T.V. is on, you find it and are so mesmerized each time.
Your double chin is to die for.
Daddy got you to giggle for the first time, and our hearts melted!
You got your first cold, and I realized I am much more of a worrier than I thought.
You are still such a good sleeper!! Knock on wood.. I don't know how we got so lucky!
"THOSE CHEEKS!" Everyone's first reaction when meeting Navy. Everyone loves your cheeks. Especially me!
You celebrated your first Halloween and we the cutest little dalmation I ever did see!
You love to sleep on our chests, with your mouth wide open! HA!
Football games are not your favorite.. You went to your first one and hated every second! BYU VS. SUU.

Navy girl, you make us happier than we ever thought possible! 
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