Thursday, August 3, 2017

Navy Notes- 2 Months

  • I swear you get a new little roll every day and it is the best thing ever.
  • Your eyelashes are so pretty! Long and curly.
  • You make the funniest/cutest screech when you want something. 
  • You slept 7 whole hours one night-your record right now! 
  • You LOVE laying on Daddy's chest. You will lay there completely awake and so content. And when you're tired, you fall fast asleep. Its the sweetest. Everyone calls him your mattress
  • You have long, skinny fingers, and Mommy's toes. (sorry about that hahaha)
  • October 19th- You started talking with Mama, your coo's and ohh's are seriously the cutest!
  • Remember last month when you weren't really a crier? Well, that didnt last long! HA! You have discovered your lungs- but you still hardly ever use them.
  • You love bath time!
  • You are a morning girl like Mommy! You are full of smiles early in the morning. Ah!
  • Your arms get out of control sometimes.. Haha they get swinging so FAST!
  • You have the cutest fake cry in the world. 
  • Daddy gave you the sweetest blessing on October 23, 2016. We had a little party for you after at Grandma Jo's house.

I'm obsessed with this picture

Navy Jo I can't imagine life without you. You are my happiness, my sunshine, my EVERYTHING!

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