Friday, August 11, 2017

Girl's Gataway

Sippin on Diet Coke...
Starting here young

 Life is GOOD.

Navy was having a hard time going for her nap so Ammon put her on his shoulders and walked up and down the halls. 
She ALMOST fell asleep up there but realized how much fun she was having!

Navy, you LOVE your daddy!

Joining in on all of the fun

Hanging by the pool with Grandma 

Best friends

Each year my family goes to Mesquite!
I know you are probably thinking..
"What in the heck is in Mesquite?"
And you are right! 
Pretty much nothing! 
But Casa Blanca Hotel has the best pool ever!
We sit and talk and eat and play all day long.
All growing up it was such a relaxing trip..
As for this year, it was the first time we took Navy on a trip!
It was BUSY!
But so so so much fun!
I love this baby and the sunshine she brings into my life each and every day!
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