Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Birth Story - Navy Jo

 Those feet!

One of my favorite pictures EVER! ^^

I was in complete Awh.

Our sweet Navy Jo.
Born August 27th, 2016
7 pounds 8 ounces, 19.5 inches of pure perfection.

Late Friday night, around 10:30 Ammon and I were watching a movie when I got my first contraction! I wasn't sure at first if it was or not but they kept coming and I quickly realized we were getting close to meeting our baby girl. The contractions started happening about 30 minutes apart, and lasted about 1 minute each. We decided to try and get some sleep and headed off to bed. Who was I kidding though.. I didn't sleep one minute! My contractions were getting closer together as the night went on and around 4:30 I was starving, as usual, and had my last middle of the night snack, a poppy seed muffin! As I was getting back into bed I felt a little gush of water. I wasn't completely sure if it was my water breaking or if I peed a little.. haha but I decided to get in the shower just in case it was breaking! I felt two more little gushes and my contractions were about 10 minutes apart so we grabbed our bags, said a little prayer, and off to the hospital we went! We got there around 6 in the morning and I started second guessing whether or not I was in labor or not. We got checked in and the nurse did a little tape test to see if my water was broken. She couldn't tell by that test so I really started to think it was a false alarm….But it wasn't! My water was ruptured and we were having our baby that day!! I had the biggest butterflies!  Around 9:30 my contractions weren't speeding up so I was given pitocin to help get things going. And boy did it help! My contractions started coming every 4 minutes, progressively getting stronger and stronger. A couple hours later I felt my water break completely. It was the coolest thing ever and I am so glad I got to experience what it felt like.  I held off as long as I could to get the epidural so I could experience the contractions to my fullest. Despite the pain I was in, time was flying by.  Every time I contracted I had to hold onto the side of the bed and just curl into a ball. I was holding onto Ammon and squeezing him as tight as I could. At one point I was in so much pain I remember thinking, "I just need to punch something!" HA! Finally, the pain was unbearable and that is when I asked for the epidural. Throughout my pregnancy I debated whether or not to have an epidural or go natural. I know it is different for every woman but after my experience I am SO thankful I chose to have the epidural. I actually got to enjoy every second once it settled in. I was absolutely exhausted by this point. I hadn't slept in over 24 hours and the contractions wore me out so Ammon and I took a little nap. The nurse came in an hour later to check me, and I was dilated to a 6! We slept a little bit more, and she returned about an hour and a half later. We were all guessing what I was dilated to...And to all of our surprise I was at a TEN!!!  Everything was happening so quickly and before I knew it I was ready to push. My mom was fixing my hair, my dad was getting the video camera ready, my photographer was snapping pictures, my Mother-in-law was giving Ammon a pep talk, and it was an absolute party! Even my siblings were in the hall awaiting her arrival! I wouldn't have had it any other way. I had so many people that I love there to cheer me on. It was the most amazing and beautiful experience EVER. I can't even put into words how incredible the whole process was. I kept telling Ammon, "Oh my gosh, I love this!" "This is so fun!" "Let's have ten kids!"  Everything was going absolutely perfect. I was loving every second. Every push got me closer to meeting my sweet baby girl. In the middle of it all, I glanced over at Ammon for a split second and saw complete terror on his face. I looked at my mom and she asked the doctor, "Is everything ok?" The cord was wrapped around her neck. In that second, my heart sank deeper than I knew possible. He calmly answered, "Yes, everything is great!" Ammon told me later on that our doctor had the most steady and fast hands and got the cord off her neck faster than a blink of an eye. After 40 minutes of pushing and a little scare, our little piece of heaven was finally in our arms!