Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I woke up on New Years Eve, excited to start the new year.
I went on a morning run and thoughts about 2015 were flowing through my mind. 
It was a great year.
But I had a feeling 2016 was going to be even better!

&& boy was I right.

After my run my family, Ammon, and I all went downtown to get some delicious crepes! 

Clearly Amm loved them.. Ha!

When we were finished, we were still hungry and decided to go to La Hacienda.

You could say our day was full of eating, eating, and more EATING!

After some spicy Mexican food my mom and Natalie wanted to go shopping.

Normally I would never pass up shopping but I was not feeling good.

I had an awful headache & just wanted to go home to rest.
Not like me at all! 

As soon as we got home I told Ammon I was going to take a pregnancy test. 
I was 9 days late!
He tried talking me out of it because the month before I was 9 days late and wasn't pregnant so he wanted me to wait another day or two.
But I couldn't wait.
(I think a little part of me new..)

We waited a couple of minutes.. minutes that felt like forever!
Finally I looked down and I let out a little scream
"There are two lines!!!!!!"

We were both jumping up and down, hugging and kissing each other, and squeeling like little kids!

After a couple of minutes I wasn't completely convinced due to the fact that the test we used was from All a Dollar.. so we went to Walgreens and bought the most expensive one we could find! HA.

Three positive tests later..
It really hit us...

& we could not be happier. 

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