Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Telling Our Little Secret

We found out that we were expecting pretty early..
I was only 5 weeks along!

At 8 weeks, I had some tests done and was low on progesterone & was considered high risk until my levels went up.
I was a pretty nervous about losing the baby because my mom was low in the same hormone and had 5 miscarriages due to this same problem.
So you can imagine my nerves!

The good news was I was definitely showing signs of pregnancy.
I was SO sick.
I couldn't keep anything down except for Top Ramen.. now just thinking about ramen makes me sick!
However, I had never been so thankful to be sick.
In my mind, as long as I was still sick, I was still pregnant!

At almost 11 weeks pregnant, my progesterone levels were double what they needed to be!

We couldnt wait any longer, we had to share with everyone our exciting news.

Come August, our little family of two, will grow to three.

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