Friday, May 29, 2015

Kauai Adventures 2015

A couple weeks ago Ammon and I got to go to Kauai with my family!
To say that I am missing it would be a total under statement.

I find myself scrolling through our pictures every day so I figured I would document some of them on here!
Get ready for a picture over load…

Each day was filled with a new adventure.

Vacations are usually supposed to be relaxing right?

Not this one! We hiked miles, biked miles, kayaked rivers, snorkeled in the sea, and body surfed the big hawaii waves!

It was an absolute blast and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

LOVE this family of mine.

The dancer in me came out a little.

the best snow cones ever!

these two were inseparable!

I can't believe this kid leaves on his mission in just a couple weeks!
So proud of him.

We went to different beaches each day & every single one of them was absolutely breath taking!

Most of them were hidden away & quite the hike, but they were totally worth all the miles.

Queens bath was amazing!

hot dogs & fresh lemonade

cheese balls!

Me & Jake flipping away

Hawaiian Luau!

nat & ty!

One day we got to go on a boat ride across the Na Pali Coast…
Too bad I was on the back of the boat throwing up.. haha

the cutest quote.

Thank you to these two for making all the memory making possible
& bringing our family together.

I left a piece of my heart in Kauai!
It truly was a vacation to remember.

We will be back Kauai!

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