Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter Break

After four months of football, football, and more football,

a semester full of dang hard classes + a week of dang hard finals,

working almost every single day,

winter break was exactly what we needed!

Goodbye Cedar City, see you in three weeks!

Those three weeks were like heaven..

Filled by eating at our favorite restaurants, tons and tons of movies, lots of lunch dates, game nights, family parties, catching up with friends, progressive dinners, playing in the snow, late nights, and best of all FAMILY TIME.

One of the highlights of the break was seeing my cute cousin come home from her mission.

I will miss reading her emails & seeing her unbelievable pictures of Scotland
 but I am so happy she is home!

One night we had a hot chocolate and cookie party with Amm's side.

It was the cutest!

All kinds of hot chocolate and the best cookies to top it off.

I think it should be a yearly tradtion.

My little brother turned 18!

For his birthday we drove up to midway and enjoyed the cutest sleigh ride through the snow!

My darling Mom!

Thank goodness I had my personal heater, Aka: my hubby

 My New Years Kiss every year!

It's never easy leaving the family to come back to school and work, but it just makes both Ammon and me appreciate the time we do have with them even more!

Now it's just me and Amm.. Good thing he makes me happiest :)
(Just look at him in the picture above.. how could that not make you happy?!

Such a goof!

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