Friday, December 5, 2014

A Good Laugh

You know those rude people that almost enjoy seeing people fall or trip?? 

Well… I can blame this one on my Mom, but I am one of those people that can't help but die laughing when I see someone trip… 

I know I know, this is awful of me but I just find it to be one of the funniest things EVER.
Like fall to the ground, pee your pants, funny!

But then again, sometimes I don't feel that bad because I have had my fair share of tripping and falling incidents..
Like the one time I completely fell off the stage in high school, or the time I tripped in the middle of a school assembly.

With finals around the corner, Ammon and I have been practically living in the library.
Last night, after a long day of studying, we went to the grocery store at midnight because we had zero food in the house.

While walking up and down the cereal isle, back and forth 100 times, because Ammon couldn't decide which one he wanted,  he wrapped his arm around my waist.

I thought he was just being cute, but noooo.. the little sneak tripped me! 

I fell to the ground, laughing uncontrollably. Not so much at him tripping me, but what it reminded me of..

While we were dating, we were walking around BYU's campus, just chattin away, when I decided I was going to trip him.
(I had tried before but it never worked because he is just so big)

I was determined. 

Walking side by side, I wrapped my leg around his, and we were BOTH done for.

We both fell flat on our faces! 

Ammon was totally taken off guard because he had no idea it was coming, & I was completely  surprised because I didn't plan on falling with him!
After we both realized what had just happened, we sat there in the middle of campus, laughing until it literally hurt!

Sometimes it feels so good to just laugh… and laugh.

Being married to Ammon, this happens
quite frequently!

The little things are the things that make life so enjoyable!

have a happy friday!

courtney jo

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