Wednesday, November 12, 2014

rylynn dawn

on November 6, 2014

our family experienced a truly heartbreaking tragedy.

ammon's brother Tovik & his sweet wife, Ciara, gave their little angel back to Heavenly Father.

this precious girl brought so much light & happiness into each & every life she came in contact with.

people were literally drawn to her!

& i truly believe it was because of her special & pure spirit.

it is no coincidence that Rylynn was given to Tovik & Ciara.

I have been absolutely amazed at the strength Tov & C have.

just being around them gives our family peace.
during such a difficult time, i have never been so comforted by the Spirit. 

like mother like daughter!

 little ryles

is she not the most precious thing you have ever seen?

rylynn dawn.

our little ball of light, laughs, smiles, & love.

she is our inspiration to

every moment
every day
beyond words 

I am so thankful for the The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

our knowledge of the plan of salvation is what is keeping us all going during this trying time.

please keep sweet Tovik & Ciara in your prayers!

& remember...

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