Monday, October 27, 2014


i woke up sunday morning to Ammon so excited to show me what he wanted to be for Halloween!

we had a party that night & i still had no idea what we were going to be,
so i was more than happy to find out that ammon had been looking for ideas all night while i was sound asleep :)

we had come up with a bunch of ideas but this one took the cake for being my 



i told ammon i wanted to be skeletons every single year from now on i loved it so much!

we had so much fun getting ready together!

the best part was AMMON did our makeup! 
i couldn't believe what a good job he did!

my husband the make up artist... no big deal. haha

is this not the cutest little girl you have ever seen??
i could seriously just stare at her all day long!

poor thing wouldn't even make eye contact with ammon because she was so scared!

we had so much fun playing games, eating food, & hanging out with our best friends here in Cedar!

on a happier note...

my mama & i went to a witches tea party!

like mother like daughter!

we get told we look like twins EVERYWHERE we go! haha

we had to stop & take a picture with the Christmas lights outside our neighborhood!

i LOVE getting to see my mom & spending time with my family!

october has been such a fun month filled with football, family, friends, & more!

here is to one more week of october & getting to go up north to be with our families!


courtney jo

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