Tuesday, September 9, 2014

goodbye summer hello fall

i love everything about summer..

the sunshine, vacations, bbq's, swimming..

you name it, i love it!

we ended our summer with a fun bbq!

brookley. ashley. taylir. kylie. cassidy. courtney.

lots of yummy food, games, laughs, & of course, fireworks! 

i went up north again for my cousins wedding!

my mom & i fell in love with this little crepe shop in salt lake...

we went two days in a row!!

now that summer is over, you know what that means...


ahh my favorite time of year...

school is in season, rainy days, the BEST time for fashion & last but not least



seriously?? he is the hottest football player i have ever seen!


so my poor hubby is a mess right now!

in his first game he got a helmet to the shin & the next day in practice got cleated on the same leg.
is that not the worst bruise you have ever seen??
and no there is no effect on this picture.. that is exactly what it looks like.

in the second game he took a late hit & separated his shoulder.
grade 3, which is the most painful shoulder injury.

i didn't get to go to this game, so the first time i saw him in his sling & his beaten up leg 
i could help but cry. 

but he is a champ! & keeps telling me he is going to play this week.. HA! 

i also love #8!

my little brother jake is an animal on the football field.

i can't believe he is a senior!

he plays free safety, he is a captain, sometimes plays offense because he is just an athlete,
he is the punt returner (meaning he is lighting fast) & is so fun to watch! 

here is to nursing my hubby back to health,

lots & lots of football games

rainy days & hot chocolate!

boots, sweaters, & the cutest clothes.

i am already smitten by fall.

courtney jo

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