Monday, August 11, 2014

home sweet home

for the past ten days i got to go home to
home sweet draper!

i miss draper almost as much as i miss my family & it was soooo good to spend time with them!

Ammon started fall camp & had to stay in the dorms so he couldn't come up :( i missed him way too much.

it was so fun spending time with all of my brothers!

my mom & i did lots of damage shopping all week long!

she spoils me more than i deserve!

thanks mama :)

we sat by the fire, talked & laughed all night!

we were laughing so hard when my brothers put our dog in the swing... haha we are so mean!

my mom & i checked the weather every hour... 
my brother & natalie got married & we were so worried it was going to rain!

we did get caught in the middle of a rain storm but luckily, their wedding day was absolutely beautiful!

on our way to the wedding!

families are forever.

me & my new sister!!

(p.s. sorry for all of the bad quality pictures... most of them were taken with iPhones.)

i have a new love!!!

mountain biking!

my little brothers took me a bunch & i couldn't get over how much fun we had.

the views were absolutely breath taking!

luke & ryan are soooo good at it. i couldn't believe how they could fly down the mountain. 
they sure took care of me though & made sure i was ok at all times! 
it was so cute!

our favorite family hobby.


of course we had to squeeze a trip in!

i could be on a boat all day everyday & be happy as can be.

being with my family was absolutely wonderful!

it's time to go home to my hubby now, i think he misses me, & i sure miss him!!!

i love you all family!
thank you for the fun week.
see you soon!

courtney jo
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