Monday, July 21, 2014

true beauty

the first thing i want to say is,

you are beautiful. 

stop telling yourself you aren't!

ladies, beauty is not a fad. 

the world tricks us all into thinking we need the latest and greatest in absolutely everything.

the nicest clothes. the newest car. the perfect body. the prettiest hair. flawless skin. the highest paying job. the best vacations. and so on.

these things do not define you.

yes, it is important to be the best YOU can be.
doll yourself up every day, live a healthy lifestyle, take care of the things you have been given, & work hard every day. 

there is no need to be down on yourself if someone has nicer, or cuter clothes than you.

if someone has a nicer car, or house, oh well!
we should be grateful for what we do have!

if you want to change your body, change it to the best version of YOU. not anyone else.
don't deprive yourself of enjoying life!

if someone has gorgeous long locks, perfect skin, & in your eyes, is the whole package,
chances are, someone thinks the same about you!
so be the best YOU can be.

that leaves me with the question 

what is true beauty?

beauty is a gentle spirit, a kind heart, a shared smile, a kind word, a helpful hand, and confidence in knowing who YOU are regardless of what the worlds thinks. 

Girls you are absolute treasures, treat yourself accordingly!

let your true beauty shine today!

smile at stranger.

give someone love that you know needs it.

write your husband, mom, friend, co worker, boyfriend, a cheerful note.

befriend someone new.

and remember...


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