Thursday, July 31, 2014


july 30, 2013

i woke up happier than i had ever been in my life!

it was the day i finally got to marry the man of my dreams, in the most perfect place.

has it really been ONE YEAR since that magical day??

it seems like yesterday i was slipping into my dress, & getting to see ammon as his bride for the first time.

but reminiscing about all the things we did together this year, definitely makes it feel like it has been 365 days!

we made so many unforgettable memories that we will cherish our whole lives!

we started a nightly tradition of DOUBLE stuffed oreos & milk
that soon caught up with us, & is now only for special occasion :)

we moved three different times

we transferred schools 

movie nights (every night)

date nights (almost every night) 
no joke.. haha

went to park city for our first honeymoon

went to cancun 6 months later for our SECOND honeymoon

camping with tin foil dinners

picked up a new hobby.. tennis

football, football & more football!

spent our first Christmas together, in SAN FRANCISCO!

sunset scooter rides  

san diego

ICEBERG.. & lots of it!

golf.. golf.. golf.. 

survived having no A.C. in either of our cars

went through lots of weird meal plans.. haha 


panda, panda, panda
we both started LOVING panda express.. who knows why!

& LOTS of i love you's

we had our ups & our downs, our fights, & our rough days, 
but without those days we wouldn't really recognize how amazing and happy our marriage is!

here is a little bit of the letter ammon wrote me for our anniversary..
its too sweet not to share!

"we had the world record setting funnest 1st year married ever! I love you more and more every single day. You get more beautiful every time i look at you! Yesterday you asked me, "Ammon why are you always happy? I never ever see you grumpy." and the answer is this... because i married you! what is there to be grumpy about?!? I can't want to be happy for eternity with you my gorgeous babe Courtney Jo!"

is that not the cutest thing you have ever read?
 i sure think so :)

july 30, 2014

i woke up just as happy, with a touch of giddiness! 

the sun wasn't even up, & i was wide awake, reminiscing about my whole wedding day.

i couldn't stop thinking.. 

"ok at this time i was getting my hair done..
at this time we were taking pictures.."
and so on!

by the end of the day i was thinking about the incredible year we had together.
i wouldn't change anything about it!


i love you ammon o.

courtney jo

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