Monday, July 28, 2014

anniversary celebration

i can't believe its been ONE year since the happiest day of my life!

ammon & i decided to switch off each year planning our anniversary..

he wanted to plan this year..

& let me tell you, it was absolutely perfect!

he surprised me with a weekend getaway to park city!!
(we were staying in the same hotel we stayed at on our honeymoon)

ahhh i was sooo excited!

i didn't think we were going to do anything too special but he saved up money all year 
(somehow without me knowing)
& went all out!

we packed our bags & headed up north as soon as we could!

the first night we shopped til we dropped & had some yummy food!

on top of the fun, i seriously felt like it was my birthday.

ammon surprised me with an iPhone! ahh! 
my sweet mother-in-law surprised me with a pair of sandals & a cute tee
& my father-in-law gave me a new heart rate monitor.

spoiled much? i felt a little guilty for getting all these things for no apparent reason!

i am blessed with the best.

so... funny story..

our first morning i got up early to use my new watch!
i went out to our car to get my running shoes & iPod.
i saw that ammon left his bag in the car, so i decided to leave the keys in the car while i went running 
& i would get his bag for him when i was done.

i ran & ran, & was loving being able to know what my heart rate was at!

when i got back, i ran up to the car, and to my surprise it was LOCKED!
the dang car locked on its own!!

i went to get ammon, so sad & a little mad at myself for being so dumb!
he tried breaking into the car with a hanger for an hour and a half...but
after a few tears (me, oops), & 70 dollars later, we had to call a locksmith.

 even though our morning didn't go exactly as planned,

we didn't let it stop us from being happy & having fun!

we shopped some more, hitting every mall in utah.. haha & went to a nice dinner at 

Tucanos in Salt Lake City.

it was sooo yummy, & so fun!

grilled pineapple is heaven.

we headed back to our hotel & ended our night with hot tubbing!

oh & we can't forget... we had our oreos & milk!
on our honeymoon it was all we ate, so of course we had to make it tradition & have them every year!

on our last day we had breakfast in bed, which consisted of Life Cereal! the best.

after soaking in all the relaxing we could get, we decided to go walk main street.

sporting our new fav shoes!

our favorite part of our walk... SHADE! haha it was so hot.

i can't believe this sexy boy has been all mine for ONE YEAR!

to top everything off we got to go visit our families before we drove back to cedar.

it was the icing on the cake!

ammon couldn't have planned a more perfect weekend for the two of us!

i loved celebrating our first year together.

our actual anniversary isn't until wednesday, so stayed tuned for more celebrations!

i love you ammon! 
thank you for making our first anniversary so special!


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