Thursday, July 31, 2014


july 30, 2013

i woke up happier than i had ever been in my life!

it was the day i finally got to marry the man of my dreams, in the most perfect place.

has it really been ONE YEAR since that magical day??

it seems like yesterday i was slipping into my dress, & getting to see ammon as his bride for the first time.

but reminiscing about all the things we did together this year, definitely makes it feel like it has been 365 days!

we made so many unforgettable memories that we will cherish our whole lives!

we started a nightly tradition of DOUBLE stuffed oreos & milk
that soon caught up with us, & is now only for special occasion :)

we moved three different times

we transferred schools 

movie nights (every night)

date nights (almost every night) 
no joke.. haha

went to park city for our first honeymoon

went to cancun 6 months later for our SECOND honeymoon

camping with tin foil dinners

picked up a new hobby.. tennis

football, football & more football!

spent our first Christmas together, in SAN FRANCISCO!

sunset scooter rides  

san diego

ICEBERG.. & lots of it!

golf.. golf.. golf.. 

survived having no A.C. in either of our cars

went through lots of weird meal plans.. haha 


panda, panda, panda
we both started LOVING panda express.. who knows why!

& LOTS of i love you's

we had our ups & our downs, our fights, & our rough days, 
but without those days we wouldn't really recognize how amazing and happy our marriage is!

here is a little bit of the letter ammon wrote me for our anniversary..
its too sweet not to share!

"we had the world record setting funnest 1st year married ever! I love you more and more every single day. You get more beautiful every time i look at you! Yesterday you asked me, "Ammon why are you always happy? I never ever see you grumpy." and the answer is this... because i married you! what is there to be grumpy about?!? I can't want to be happy for eternity with you my gorgeous babe Courtney Jo!"

is that not the cutest thing you have ever read?
 i sure think so :)

july 30, 2014

i woke up just as happy, with a touch of giddiness! 

the sun wasn't even up, & i was wide awake, reminiscing about my whole wedding day.

i couldn't stop thinking.. 

"ok at this time i was getting my hair done..
at this time we were taking pictures.."
and so on!

by the end of the day i was thinking about the incredible year we had together.
i wouldn't change anything about it!


i love you ammon o.

courtney jo

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

our wedding video

today is officially our ONE year anniversary! 

ahh.. i have been reliving our special day allll morning. 

i keep thinking.. 
ok at this time i was getting my hair done..
at 10 o clock we were getting sealed..
now we would be taking pictures..
& so on!

here is a video of our wedding day..

i can't wait to watch it with ammon tonight!


Monday, July 28, 2014

anniversary celebration

i can't believe its been ONE year since the happiest day of my life!

ammon & i decided to switch off each year planning our anniversary..

he wanted to plan this year..

& let me tell you, it was absolutely perfect!

he surprised me with a weekend getaway to park city!!
(we were staying in the same hotel we stayed at on our honeymoon)

ahhh i was sooo excited!

i didn't think we were going to do anything too special but he saved up money all year 
(somehow without me knowing)
& went all out!

we packed our bags & headed up north as soon as we could!

the first night we shopped til we dropped & had some yummy food!

on top of the fun, i seriously felt like it was my birthday.

ammon surprised me with an iPhone! ahh! 
my sweet mother-in-law surprised me with a pair of sandals & a cute tee
& my father-in-law gave me a new heart rate monitor.

spoiled much? i felt a little guilty for getting all these things for no apparent reason!

i am blessed with the best.

so... funny story..

our first morning i got up early to use my new watch!
i went out to our car to get my running shoes & iPod.
i saw that ammon left his bag in the car, so i decided to leave the keys in the car while i went running 
& i would get his bag for him when i was done.

i ran & ran, & was loving being able to know what my heart rate was at!

when i got back, i ran up to the car, and to my surprise it was LOCKED!
the dang car locked on its own!!

i went to get ammon, so sad & a little mad at myself for being so dumb!
he tried breaking into the car with a hanger for an hour and a half...but
after a few tears (me, oops), & 70 dollars later, we had to call a locksmith.

 even though our morning didn't go exactly as planned,

we didn't let it stop us from being happy & having fun!

we shopped some more, hitting every mall in utah.. haha & went to a nice dinner at 

Tucanos in Salt Lake City.

it was sooo yummy, & so fun!

grilled pineapple is heaven.

we headed back to our hotel & ended our night with hot tubbing!

oh & we can't forget... we had our oreos & milk!
on our honeymoon it was all we ate, so of course we had to make it tradition & have them every year!

on our last day we had breakfast in bed, which consisted of Life Cereal! the best.

after soaking in all the relaxing we could get, we decided to go walk main street.

sporting our new fav shoes!

our favorite part of our walk... SHADE! haha it was so hot.

i can't believe this sexy boy has been all mine for ONE YEAR!

to top everything off we got to go visit our families before we drove back to cedar.

it was the icing on the cake!

ammon couldn't have planned a more perfect weekend for the two of us!

i loved celebrating our first year together.

our actual anniversary isn't until wednesday, so stayed tuned for more celebrations!

i love you ammon! 
thank you for making our first anniversary so special!


Monday, July 21, 2014

true beauty

the first thing i want to say is,

you are beautiful. 

stop telling yourself you aren't!

ladies, beauty is not a fad. 

the world tricks us all into thinking we need the latest and greatest in absolutely everything.

the nicest clothes. the newest car. the perfect body. the prettiest hair. flawless skin. the highest paying job. the best vacations. and so on.

these things do not define you.

yes, it is important to be the best YOU can be.
doll yourself up every day, live a healthy lifestyle, take care of the things you have been given, & work hard every day. 

there is no need to be down on yourself if someone has nicer, or cuter clothes than you.

if someone has a nicer car, or house, oh well!
we should be grateful for what we do have!

if you want to change your body, change it to the best version of YOU. not anyone else.
don't deprive yourself of enjoying life!

if someone has gorgeous long locks, perfect skin, & in your eyes, is the whole package,
chances are, someone thinks the same about you!
so be the best YOU can be.

that leaves me with the question 

what is true beauty?

beauty is a gentle spirit, a kind heart, a shared smile, a kind word, a helpful hand, and confidence in knowing who YOU are regardless of what the worlds thinks. 

Girls you are absolute treasures, treat yourself accordingly!

let your true beauty shine today!

smile at stranger.

give someone love that you know needs it.

write your husband, mom, friend, co worker, boyfriend, a cheerful note.

befriend someone new.

and remember...


Sunday, July 13, 2014

just the two of us

this weekend it was just the hubs & i

it was pretty chill & pretty perfect

we played lots of tennis

went on lots of scooter rides

went out to dinner & ate lots of yummy food

watched lots of movies

 had lots of fun!

& made lots of memories!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

lake powell 2014

lake powell 


 my family


doesn't get much better!

the only thing missing was Ammon!


he had finals that week so he couldn't come 

but he was sure missed!

lots of surfing, wake boarding, tubing,

eating, eating, oh and more eating!

the captain of the boat & jake

jake is an insane wake boarder!! 

he did back flip after back flip.

i tried to keep up with him by getting some air...

but in the end i did a major face plant! 

haha ouch!

we got to celebrate my mom's birthday while we were there!

i was so happy i got to be with her all day on her special day!

how cute is this picture?

father & son!

we made it to the top of the huge sand hill!

it kicked out butts! haha we were all dying by the time we made it to the top!

the soon to be newlyweds!

all the kids, just missing Amm!

lake powell will forever have a piece of my heart!

i grew up boating & have so many fun memories with my family!

i can't wait to make more with them, ammon, & our kiddies!

until next time lake powell!!

courtney jo