Monday, June 30, 2014

weekend bliss

this weekend was perfect.

friday morning ammon had football along with two finals & i spent 11+ hours trying to figure out my new job. 

it's safe to say, i was in need of some ammon time.

after our long day, nothing sounded better than having a little picnic.

i was craving cafe rio, so we got take out & headed up up to the park!


ammon, as always, was sweet talking me & making me laugh until my cheeks were hurting.

goof.. always pulling faces!

that night we saw The Fault In Our Stars with our favorites Brookely & Tannon.. WOW.

what a heart wrenching movie.

everyone has probably seen it, but if you haven't, it is a must.


 i love saturday mornings.

especially when i don't have to work!

i woke up bright & early to the sun shinning through my window!

i didn't want to sleep in, i wanted to enjoy every second of sunlight.

my morning consider of

+cleaning up around the house
+going to a cycling class with Brookely
+driving to walmart & buying the book
The Fault In My Stars
yes, i loved the movie that much.
+racing home to wake ammon up
+playing some tennis with the hubs
+driving to st george to get some extra vitamin D... & a new computer for my work
+getting an ice burg shake
cookie dough carmel, with extra cookie dough, always

when we got home from st george, Amm & Tannon went golfing... for FREE!
ammon was on cloud nine.

that night we made homemade pizzas!

followed by going to get ice cream at "The Fix"

yes, we had lots of treats & delicious food saturday... not even mad.

i love sunday's just as much, if not more, than saturdays!

we went to church, took a little nap & headed up the canyon for dinner with Brookely & Tannon.

my tin foil dinner.. yummy.

brooke & tan

what a blissful weekend we had together!

life just keeps getting better & better with Amm by my side!

this week i'm off to lake powell with my family & i could not be more excited!

can't wait for the 4th either!! 

courtney jo

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