Sunday, June 22, 2014


it is official..


& i could not be more excited about it!

i got a new job that is allowing me to have weekends off..

so i am ready for the summer festives to begin!

Ammon & i started the summer off just right..

in the morning i got up extra early to go for a run & took the best plyo class!

if you haven't taken one, you are missing out!

it is my favorite.

i came home to Ammon making me a delicious breakfast before i had to go to work..
(my last saturday! HALLELUJAH!)

when i was done working we put on our running shoes & played some tennis!

we are getting pretty good if i say so myself :)

we came home got ready for dinner & just went to cafe rio!

we got our usuals, but ammon decided to add vanilla to his sprite..

oh. my. gosh.

just try it & you'll know what i mean.

i don't even like soda & i couldn't stop drinking it!

we decided to check something off our summer bucket list & had a bonfire up in the mountains!

it was SO much fun!

we talked about life.

cuddled up & gazed at the stars.

slow danced by a lake.

& of course, ate roasted marshmallows until our tummies hurt!

it was the perfect way to begin our summer together.

courtney jo

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