Sunday, June 1, 2014

san diego 2014

this trip was just what ammon and i needed!

it was full of family time, smiles, laughter, sunshine, games, lots of eating, love, and fun every single day!

ammon's siblings are all in different states now (well almost) so we don't get to see each other as much as we would like

but when we do get together it is an absolute blast!

each day we woke up early in the morning, had breakfast, and got to the beach as soon as we could!

^^the grandkids looove grandma!!

 there were times when only grandma could cheer them up.. it was the cutest!

beach lovin!

the kids were in love with the sand and water!

rylynn & trey had there moments when they loved the sand... other times not so much! haha

my husband is such a babe!!

the girls and i laid on the beach, talked about life, and played with the kids

darling ciara building sand castles with ari and jayson!

the guys played lots of catch..

^^and were in the water 95% of the time!

(yes, that is sea weed on ammo's head that him& bryan were messing around with! had us all laughing!) 

is she not the cutest little thing!?

love this beach& love this boy

love these two!

bridger and amm were inseparable!

they were missing tovik but we were so happy rylynn and ciara still came!

most nights we went on walks on the board walk 

& explored the fun little shops on the beach!

the view from our amazing condo

game night every night!!

uncle bridger playing with ari

ammon getting his daily push ups in! haha

i talked him into a few runs on the beach with me as well :)

^^caught in the act of sneaking delicious homemade carmelittas... soooo dang good

^^we got to spend a day at the happiest place on earth!

beach bum

i love the sand, he loves the water

this trip was perfect in every single way.
i am so blessed to have married into the most amazing family!
i seriously love each one of them soooo much.
they have all made me feel like one of their own from day one.
i couldn't ask for more.

thank you to my wonderful in-laws that do so much for me& ammon!
thanks for bringing the family together and giving us a trip we will always remember!

until next time san diego

courtney jo

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