Sunday, June 22, 2014

our summer bucket list

i have made summer bucket lists since i was little!

this summer's i get to complete with my honey & i couldn't be more happy about it!

i love adventure. 

i love trying & seeing new things.

i love the typical summer activities that make summer, summer.

we made a life long bucket list a couple nights ago before we went to sleep..

we know we won't be able to swim with dolphins or go sky diving THIS summer 

but that isn't stopping us from making this summer memorable!

so here is our

 2014 summer bucket list:

  • play beach volleyball
  • go to zion's national park
  • hike to the "C"
  • host a crepe night
  • go to a summer concert
  • take a yoga class
  • go camping
  • have a picnic in the park
  • go to a rodeo
  • attend the temple once a month
  • go golfing
  • make homemade pizza's
  • star gaze under a blanket
  • have a barbecue
  • play ultimate frizbee
  • go fishing
  • have a couple's tennis match
  • ride a tandem bike together
  • sleep outside
  • have a candlelit dinner
  • go kayaking at the lake
  • build a fort & sleep in it
  • go to Las Vegas
  • couple's massage
  • have a bonfire in the mountains
  • hike to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise/sunset
  • go to Lake Powell
  • have a movie marathon
  • go to our local farmers market
  • get a pedicure-together!
  • go on a road trip
here is to making memories,
& making this summer one for the books!
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