Tuesday, June 10, 2014

it's the little things

life lately has been blissful.. 

the spring days are ending, and summer is coming full swing!

here are some memories we've made that deserve to be remembered.

spring ball! 

ammon is the most incredible athlete! holy cow..

i LOVED walking to the stadium each saturday morning to watch his scrimmages

i honestly can't wait to watch him in the fall! 

easter sunday i got to hear Amm speak, twice!

he is one amazing speaker... i could listen to his sweet voice all day long.

ammon & i got to go up to idaho with my family to watch my brothers play baseball!

i loved every second of it.

it was so nice to just relax, chat with my parents, and watch my little brothers!

i grew up with four brothers who are complete athletes! 

i have always loved going to all their football, basketball, & baseball games.

i have missed it lately!

my mama and me

ice cream date nights... every weekend!

my sweetie got called as the first counselor in the elder's quorum presidency!

he is constantly serving the lord!

we drove to st george twice in one day!

the first time we did a little shopping& got some lunch.

i got a ninja! &i am obsessed with it….

you can expect a smoothie post in the near future!

the second time we drove down was spur of the moment!

as always, we both wanted ice cream…

so we hopped back in the car at 10:30 saturday night, went to iceberg, & watched a movie in the park on my lap top!

it was a night to remember for sure!

sunday's are for strolling & basketball..

we both loooove the heat! 
& lebron of course.

i treated my self well on national donut day..

this baby was absolutely, positively, the best treat i have had in a long time!

give me a good cake donut, and i am one happy, happy girl.

i am enjoying the little things that make life so beautiful!

the little things, one day become the big things

i can't wait for more sunny days& warm summer nights.

courtney jo

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