Sunday, June 8, 2014


from eating chocolate chip cookies three nights in a row, 

seeing my husband’s big smile each day,

seeing all the pretty flowers on our nightly walks,

 paying our own bills & making our own meals, 

creating our own little life together.. I am one happy girl.

i wouldn't describe my life as perfect..

 we count each penny we have, being away from family isn’t always easy,

 we have our ups & we have our downs.

But I am happy!

 i am learning something new & I am growing each day!

isn’t that what life is about??

learning from our experiences, our trials, our bad days & choosing to be happy anyway?

so do me a favor today...

write down a list of all the wonderful things in life!

& maybe even have a treat while you are at it :)

courtney jo

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