Monday, June 16, 2014

find your passion!

from the second my mom put my first pair of tap shoes on & the little pink tights on my chubby legs, 
my whole life was centered around dancing.

as I grew up, my passion for dance also grew.

 dancing became a part of me and at times completely consumed me!

 i would practice as much as I could, to the point where sometimes I would be in tears at the end of the night!

 I loved the challenge it brought to my life, not only physically but mentally.

 dance pushed me to places I never knew I could go.

 i could escape from the chaos that life brings and be in my own little world. 

nothing brought me more happiness than being on the stage,

 or even late at night in the studio with some of my very best friends. 

alta dance company

there were times I wanted to give up.. where I didn't feel good enough, but I am so thankful that my mom, my number one

fan & biggest supporter, never let me give up the one thing that brought so much happiness to my life. 

new york city, 2010

when i stopped dancing i felt lost, something was missing. 

what was it?


i missed being passionate about something that pushed me, enabled me & empowered me.

i needed that feeling, that fire & spark back in my life!

so what did i do? 

i tried new things & found myself falling in love with anything health & fitness!

i have gotten to the point where i crave running, i long for the shaky legs after lots of squats, i can hardly ever wait for the next time i get to feel the satisfaction after a hard work out!

i want to share my passion with others!

now i am not perfect, i treat myself to sweets allllll the time! i just love the way healthy feels..

 so once in a while ill be posting fun workouts, tips & healthy habits, along with my every day life!

here is to finding your passion in life & making your dreams come true!

courtney jo

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