Wednesday, June 4, 2014

date night

date night this week was one of the best we have had in a while!

we had our date night on tueday this week because i have to work this weekend..

so we packed our bags and visited the temple!

it was absolutely perfect..

both of us came out feeling so happy and full of love.

we promised each other we would make the temple apart of our date night more often!

after we ate at cafe rio, and found the cutest little soda shop!

ammon was in heaven!!

always a good laugh with this stud!

my new& favorite motto..

"life is too short to eat rice cakes"

so why not eat ice cream?!

 cake batter+cookie dough mixed in+topped with carmel

does not get better!

surprisingly.. ammon didn't finish his.. but don't worry i finished it for him!

living as a newlywed i do not let anything go to waste.. especially ice cream!! haha

thank you for the tummy ache cold stone.. 

you were worth every bite!

courtney jo

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