Monday, May 12, 2014

happy mothers day!

"all that i am and ever hope to be, i owe to my mother"

-abraham lincoln

happy mothers day to my sweet mom

the one that put my first tap shoes on and pink tights on my chubby legs.

the one that tucked me in each night and pulled my hair out from under my head.

the one that made me breakfast every morning, packed me a sack lunch every day,
and had a home cooked meal on the table every night.

the one i steal clothes from and brake all her jewelry (i swear its on accident!)

the one that threw me a huge surprise party on my 16th birthday.

the one that has always been my best friend even when the roads are rocky.

the one that is always up for anything fun. like running down the street ringing bells on late christmas eve night.

the one that always taught me to be a friend to everyone.

the one that taught me to always be a lady.

the one that has inspired me to become an amazing homemaker. she seriously has it perfected!

the one i long for when i need a good cry.

the one that gets mistaken as my sister that i never had!

the one that took a cycling class with me and laughed the entire time because we hurt so bad!

the one that i call up whenever i need a new recipe or
a question on how to make something

the one i still get homesick for

the one that has always taken care of me, and still does
(i will take care of you, when you no longer can. hopefully i can repay you!)

the one that planned my whole wedding in one month

the one that has taught me everything i know and still continues to teach me 

the one that i get to call my mother, and be blessed by her every day.

i love you,
jodie, bonnie jo, big girl, jod, ugly, my twin
and most importantly,

courtney jo

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