Friday, May 16, 2014

just him& i

i have decided may is my favorite month!
not only is the weather perfect.. not too hot not too cold..
but i get the husband all to myself!
no football or school
just him& i

is he not the cutest thing ever?
i sure think so! 

spring flowers!
i have been in love lately

runs up the canyon

yesterday we went on the funnest hike to
karnarraville falls!
it was soooo pretty!

i am a little sad that i got my nikes soaking wet..
buuuut it was very worth it!

once again.. this boy just makes my heart pitter patter!

today we went to the gym together.
our daily date here in cedar!

afterwards we got delicious smoothies
from tropical smoothie cafe


i definitely don't want may to end 
but i cannot wait for summer!!

bring on the sunshine

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