Monday, May 19, 2014

dating days

the other night ammon& i were going through old pictures 

& i couldn't help but take a walk down memory lane....

dating ammon was magical.

since the very beginning we have never had a dull moment!

we were with each other every second we could be,

and if we weren't with each other we were

leaving love notes on each others cars, 

sending each other pictures because we missed each other,

and constantly sending lovely dovey text messages!

we would literally go home at 4 in the morning,

and the next day see each other before our days started!

with ammon there is always an adventure

we have made so many life lasting memories that i just never want to forget!

night swimming in our clothes

bonfires in the mountains

kissing at all the "make out spots" haha

dressing up nice and eating at fancy places

hiking in the mountains to pretty places

 early morning jamba runs

 "camping" at the park

rodeos and demolition derbys

family trips& parties


park city, lake powell, bear lake

lots of cuddling, cuddling and more cuddling

worked out together (but more like checked each other out :) )

 sent love whenever we were away

ice skating+ hot chocolate

 golfing, golfing, oh and golfing

 danced under the stars more times than one

 movies, game nights, ice cream dates, star gazing

summertime swimming

 four wheeling, jet skiing, dirt biking

 night time golfing

 more golfing… haha

 drive in movies

paddle boarding&wake surfing& jet skiing

made gingerbread houses& temple lights

ammo was constantly surprising me with flowers, notes, food&treats from my favorite places,

and more times than one came up from behind me 

surprising me with hugs& kisses

(may have screamed a couple times from getting scared haha)

days at the lake=so much fun

 date night…. every night!!


played together and attended football, basketball, soccer& baseball games

byu spring scrimmage 

 saturday morning breakfasts at ihop!

 one of the very first pictures we took together!

shooting guns at my cabin

night sledding at our elementary school

 played baseball, catch, football, jumped on the tramp, swinging on swing sets

built castles and played in the sand

lots and lots of time in the sunshine!

from our very first date, we were both head over heels in love.

we had a spark that neither of us had ever felt before, and we did everything we could to not let it dwindle.

i am in love with our love.

& i am so happy i get to make memories with him for the rest of our lives!