Friday, April 4, 2014

milk shake dates

one of the many things i love about ammon is he still treats me like i am his girlfriend.

meaning? //

 he still plans such fun dates... he is always wanting to look his best for me... 
he leaves me love notes around the house... 

takes me on shopping sprees even when we are broke..

there is never a time while in the car, 
that he isn't holding my hand

life is always full of surprises with Ammo.

last weekend for our date night we headed to st. george, our go to place!

i was dying to watch the sunset from dixie rock.

thank goodness ammon loves to drive fast, we made it just in time!

his attempt at pretending to be me.. such a goof all the time!

best part of the night: carmel cookie dough milk shake...

make me a promise... try it next time you go to iceberg! it is devine.

see what i mean?  goof, all the time! 

it's the little things in life! goofing off, and having fun that makes life so wonderful.

forget about the stresses, and choose to be happy!

hey ammon, i love you, lets date forever.

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