Wednesday, April 9, 2014

courtney jo

i have seen "about me" posts going around the blogging world for a

while now and decided to do a little post about myself!

one of my favorite things is getting to know people.

 every one is so unique in their own way&

i love learning about the things that make someone who they are!

so here is a little about me!

i love love love peanut butter. i have eaten spoonfuls every day since i was a little girl.

i have recently developed a passion to run.. which is crazy to me..
 never in a million years did i think i would love it, but i really really do.  

my curly hair is a part of me
all growing up i hated my curls, until one day i realized
 my curls were turning into waves and my hair started falling out…
i had tests done but never found out 
what was going on with my crazy head of hair. 
a year later my curls were back and today i love them more than ever!

my favorite color has always been yellow.. it just makes me feel happy!

i love to read. i love romance novels, but i am currently a nerd for mysteries. 

in high school, i fell off the stage during dance rehearsal.. 
i was a shy sophomore and turned bright red.

i have a major sweet tooth.
 cookies, donuts, anything chocolate, caramels, oreos, ice cream, you name it , i most likely love it.
i also loveeee pretzels

ammon got me addicted to country music.
 i am always looking for a new song. the words just get to me!

i have always loved football. 
super bowl sunday, while all the girls chit chat, you'll find me with the boys watching the game.
lucky me, i snatched myself a sexy quarterback!

i am working two jobs, and i really enjoy both of them.

i love to cook and make yummy treats. 
hopefully i will become half the cook my mom is!

one day i want to travel the world with my hubby. 

so there you have it!

now it's your turn, let's here about you!

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