Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekend Get Away

Since Ammon didn't have football or school,
and I was all done with work for the weekend,
we packed our bags and
headed to St. George!

My sexy man!

It was exactly what both of us needed!

Especially the Vitamin D.

We relaxed by the pool, had lots of yummy treats,

listened to summery music,

and enjoyed each others company, 

without a care in the world!

The weather was perfect.
So of course, we went golfing, twice!

When night time rolled around...
we didn't have anywhere to stay.

So we drove around looking for a park or church
to lay lots of blankets down so we could sleep!

We found a cute little spot,
however, cuddling wasn't keeping us warm enough
so we ended up sleeping in the car!

These are the times that I love looking back on.
The ones that bring you closer together!

Ammon + Courtney

After making lots of memories,
it was time to head home and get back
into the groove of things!

Here's to lots more love and laughter!

Courtney Jo

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