Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cheek Kisses

some mornings I wake up craving a kiss on the cheek.

i have always had a special place
in my heart for cheek kisses!

i think it is the perfect way to show someone you love them.

i remember when ammon kissed my cheek
for the first time. it was magical!
such a simple kiss on the cheek filled my body with

this is the woman who made me fall in love
with cheek kisses. my mom.

i couldn't leave the house until i gave her a kiss
on the cheek or she gave me one.

oh how i long for those days.

this picture puts the biggest smile on
my face!

how could it not??

it depicts ammon perfectly,
the child inside him.

my sweet dad.

i have a tender spot in my heart for my dad.

i guess you could say i am a daddy's girl.

sometimes just the thought of him brings a tear to my eye.

love him so much!

so do something for me today, give some one you love a kiss on the cheek.

courtney jo

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