Sunday, March 30, 2014

month eight

where has time gone??

today Ammon and i have been married eight whole months!

i love my life with ammon. it is so beyond what i expected.

here are eight facts about our lovely life together

1. we wake up each morning begging for five more minutes of cuddle time.
ammon is late to class every day. oops!

2. we end each night with a movie. 99% of the time i don't make it all the way through.

3. he is my best friend & i am his.
we tell each other every little detail about our day&
make fun of each other constantly. 

4. we are both doing our best to eat healthy, but we just love sweets too darn much!
he is my personal trainer&i love it haha

5. we call each other cute nicknames like
"sweetheart" and "honey"
but most of the time we call each other "bade" with a "d"
or "chubby" don't worry neither of us take offense

6. when we are alone, sometimes we talk like babies. cheesy, i know.

7. homemade chocolate chip cookies& creme soda floats are our "go to" treats.
lately we have been obsessed with carmel+cookie dough shakes from iceberg

do me a favor and try it.. it is heavenly!

8. literally each day gets better and better living as newlyweds with ammon.
i never want the "newlywed" phase to end!

it has been eight wonderful months since our perfect day in late july.
yes, we have our trying times and our life is not perfect.
life is not easy for us to say the least, 
but with Ammon by my side life is much, much sweeter.

cheers to eight months, and every month after that!


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