Sunday, March 30, 2014

month eight

where has time gone??

today Ammon and i have been married eight whole months!

i love my life with ammon. it is so beyond what i expected.

here are eight facts about our lovely life together

1. we wake up each morning begging for five more minutes of cuddle time.
ammon is late to class every day. oops!

2. we end each night with a movie. 99% of the time i don't make it all the way through.

3. he is my best friend & i am his.
we tell each other every little detail about our day&
make fun of each other constantly. 

4. we are both doing our best to eat healthy, but we just love sweets too darn much!
he is my personal trainer&i love it haha

5. we call each other cute nicknames like
"sweetheart" and "honey"
but most of the time we call each other "bade" with a "d"
or "chubby" don't worry neither of us take offense

6. when we are alone, sometimes we talk like babies. cheesy, i know.

7. homemade chocolate chip cookies& creme soda floats are our "go to" treats.
lately we have been obsessed with carmel+cookie dough shakes from iceberg

do me a favor and try it.. it is heavenly!

8. literally each day gets better and better living as newlyweds with ammon.
i never want the "newlywed" phase to end!

it has been eight wonderful months since our perfect day in late july.
yes, we have our trying times and our life is not perfect.
life is not easy for us to say the least, 
but with Ammon by my side life is much, much sweeter.

cheers to eight months, and every month after that!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Beach Volleyball

first off i love this boy.

second, volleyball is still a blast even when your toes are ice!

cassidy. mitch. ammon. courtney. brookley. tannon.

this weekend we got together with some friends and played volleyball!

we laughed, made fun of each other, and had such a blast even in the freezing sand!

afterwards we went to cafe rio. mmm.
chatted it up and went back to our place with tannon and brookley

we stayed up until four in the morning reminiscing, laughing, and telling each
other our whole life story!

this weekend was so fun! but then again every day is fun 
when you are married to this hunk ^^^

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cheek Kisses

some mornings I wake up craving a kiss on the cheek.

i have always had a special place
in my heart for cheek kisses!

i think it is the perfect way to show someone you love them.

i remember when ammon kissed my cheek
for the first time. it was magical!
such a simple kiss on the cheek filled my body with

this is the woman who made me fall in love
with cheek kisses. my mom.

i couldn't leave the house until i gave her a kiss
on the cheek or she gave me one.

oh how i long for those days.

this picture puts the biggest smile on
my face!

how could it not??

it depicts ammon perfectly,
the child inside him.

my sweet dad.

i have a tender spot in my heart for my dad.

i guess you could say i am a daddy's girl.

sometimes just the thought of him brings a tear to my eye.

love him so much!

so do something for me today, give some one you love a kiss on the cheek.

courtney jo

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is Springing

lately, I have been in love with all things

S P R I N G!

i love waking up in the morning to the sun shining through my window,

and hearing the birds singing.

cadbury eggs and girl scout cookies.

light pink lips and nails.

opening my sunroof, and pulling out those shades.

bike rides & morning runs.

don't forget the pretty flowers, and the blooming trees.

spring is springing and I am loving
every second of it!

spring, you should stay a while..

courtney jo

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekend Get Away

Since Ammon didn't have football or school,
and I was all done with work for the weekend,
we packed our bags and
headed to St. George!

My sexy man!

It was exactly what both of us needed!

Especially the Vitamin D.

We relaxed by the pool, had lots of yummy treats,

listened to summery music,

and enjoyed each others company, 

without a care in the world!

The weather was perfect.
So of course, we went golfing, twice!

When night time rolled around...
we didn't have anywhere to stay.

So we drove around looking for a park or church
to lay lots of blankets down so we could sleep!

We found a cute little spot,
however, cuddling wasn't keeping us warm enough
so we ended up sleeping in the car!

These are the times that I love looking back on.
The ones that bring you closer together!

Ammon + Courtney

After making lots of memories,
it was time to head home and get back
into the groove of things!

Here's to lots more love and laughter!

Courtney Jo

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Birthday Boy

My honey turned 23!

We headed up to Draper to spend his birthday with his family
and had so much fun.

On the morning of Ammons birthday,
 while Amm was still sleeping, I ran and got him Kneaders french toast!
Mmm. I got it for him on his birthday last year,
so maybe I'll make it a tradition!

His birthday was an absolute beautiful day! 

Ammon was loving every second playing nine holes.

The sun was out and if the wind wasn't blowing,
the temperature was perfect!

For dinner we went to our fav, Chipotle! 

We could seriously eat there every day.

That night I made Ammon's favorite cake!

The final product, Berries in A Cloud.

I am so thankful for my amazing husband!

I love any excuse to shower him with a little extra love.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart, 
I love you!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pay . Your. Tithes.

Moving to Cedar City took a big leap of faith for Ammon and I.

Not only were we leaving behind all of our friends and 
family, we were leaving a great apartment,
I was leaving my job, along with my schooling, and Ammon
was leaving his amazing scholarship at BYU.

We have been here for about a month now,
and this past week I have really
noticed how paying your tithing 
(even if it is difficult at times)
really does increase your blessings, immensely..  

Finding a job here has been pretty rough.. it is a small town,
with lots of college students needing jobs!
This past week I finally found one and I think I am going
to LOVE it.

And to my sweet surprise, I received an Academic scholarship
to SUU in the Fall!

I am so thankful for all of the blessings Heavenly 
Father has given me. I see His hand in my 
life each and every

Ask yourself daily, how God has blessed you!

Courtney Jo

Monday, March 3, 2014

Birthday Bliss

My 20th Birthday was absolutely perfect and

I loved every second of it,

thanks to my darling hubby and

all of my family and friends!

I woke up to breakfast in bed, which was delicious! 
 A necklace I had been wanting for, forever. 
Thank you Ammon Baby.

And many heartfelt birthday wishes from my sweet family and friends.

After stake conference, we headed up the canyon for a picnic. 

The canyon was absolutely beautiful. I could have stared all day!

Not knowing we were going to go for a little hike, I wore heels.. Whoops!

So I hopped on this cuties back.

For the picnic we had lots of yummy treats including chips and salsa..

My Fav!!! I could live off of salty chips and spicy salsa.

This boy knows me too well.

We played all day, cuddled all night, and had chocolate chip pancakes

for dinner! Ahhh.. my kind of birthday cake. Yumm.

My little Chef.

Like I said, it was a perfect day.
I can't believe I am out of my teen years!
Time really flies.

I am so thankful for my husband and all of the people
in my life that gave me so much love for my birthday.
I truly am so blessed.