Monday, February 3, 2014

Southern Utah University

SUU Here We Come!

Ammon and I made the brave decision to transfer down to SUU in Cedar City! We had been thinking about it for a couple months, going back and forth about whether or not we wanted to stay in Provo or pick up our lives and move to Cedar! Ammon's dream is to play football. It doesn't matter where, or who it is with, he just wants to play.  He is such a dreamer. And I absolutely love that about him. I want all of his dreams to come true and I want to be right by his side.
He has already made so many of mine come true and I know he will continue to! Which makes me so happy.
We were thinking about a few different schools, figuring out what the football teams were like. One day while I was at work Ammon called me and asked me what I thought about going down to SUU. I immidately felt a sense of peace come over me. And from then on, that feeling never left me. I know we are supposed to be in Cedar City, for whatever reason it might be, I really believe it is where Heavenly Father wants us!
I am so excited for the new journey ahead of us!