Tuesday, January 7, 2014

San Francisco

San Francisco is the most amazing city! Ammon and I got to travel there for the BYU Bowl Game and spent our first Christmas together in the middle of the busy city. 
The first day we got there we went and explored the mall that was right down the street from our hotel and WOW… It was the most incredible mall I have ever seen! The Nordstrom itself was 7 floors. I could have spent all day in there but of course, there was so much more to see. That night we had a delicious dinner provided for the coaches, players and their wives. 

The next morning, while Ammon was at practice, a couple of the wives and I went on a run! It was so much fun. I was so surprised how far I ran.. normally I get bored and start doing something else but the elevation and the scenery made it so much easier and so much more enjoyable! 
When Ammon was done with practice we had lunch and Chipotle (we had Chipotle for almost every meal we had to buy… We are obsessed!) 

Afterwards, we went to Pier 39 with some of our good friends on the team. We saw Alcatraz from a distance, a whole bunch of seals, Ammon entertained us all by feeding the seagulls, watched street performers, ate yummy mini donuts, and had such a blast.

*Christmas Eve*

We had such a fun Christmas Eve!! We went to the pier and rented bikes. We rode them along the boardwalk and ended up at the Golden Gate Bridge. The views were breath taking! We could see parts of the city where the houses and buildings are all stacked on top of each other, the huge hills, the beautiful ocean, and the bridge. We made it to the bridge at the perfect time.. right as the sun was setting. I loved every second of the bike ride, including the huge hill that we had to climb :) To finish our fun day we went to The Cheesecake Factory with Skyler and Jasmine Ridley! It was soooo yummy! Ammon and I had never had their cheesecake before so we decided to splurge and man oh man… Best thing ever!!

*Christmas Day*

Well our first Christmas together was unlike any other Christmas either of us had growing up and will probably be one of the most unique ones we have as a family! It didn't really feel like Christmas without the snow, the presents, and being surrounded by  our families, but we had each other and that was all we needed to be happy!