Friday, August 11, 2017


Despite all those adorable smiles, Navy had a rough day in beautiful Amsterdam!
I didnt know if she was feeling the effects from the jet lag, if she was cold, or what was going on.
It made me so sad.

Amsterdam was so fun!
We went to the tulip festival which was my favorite part, walked up and down the streets eating waffles, and believe it or not we had to check out the red light district. 
It blew my mind! I did not know the world still did stuff like that.
Never again! Ha!

Amsterdam was beautiful and I am happy we got to visit!


The first stop on our Europe Adventure!

London was so dang beautiful!
It reminded me of a bigger, better, CLEANER, New York!
I absolutely loved it!

We packed our life for two weeks in two giant backpacks and..
Yes, we brought our 8 month old baby on our 2 week adventure and I am so happy we did!
She did SO well on the plane rides.
She slept majority of the time and was seriously an angel.
People we didn't know were commenting on how well she did!
Thank goodness!

We were super jet lagged! So freaking tired..
We were up for 48 hours! 
But we made the best of it and squeezed as much as we could in!
Our best friends Brady and Sarah were the best tour guides and took us to all of the best places!
I loved our time in London and totally want to go back one day!

Up next... Amsterdam!!!

Navy Notes: 8 Months

Baby girl you are 8 months old already!
Please stop growing so fast! 

I loved month 8, but I love every month! :)

Navy got her first tooth on April 17th! It was a rough night getting her to sleep... I tickled her until she was sound asleep and it was the sweetest moment. She had finally found some relief. She was up about every two hours... I comforted her as much as I could but felt so helpless!

She is a total daddy's girl.. nothing I can do about it! Ha!

She does the funniest thing with  her tongue... she sticks it out and sucks on it. It is so funny!

She is rolling all over the place and is working on crawling. When she is sitting up, she gets to her hands and knees but doesn't know what to do next!

I am the worst ever ever ever... She fell off the bed this morning and I thought I might die of a heart attack! I almost called 911 to make sure she was ok. 

By the end of the month her second tooth came in! Her two bottom middle have poked through! 

She is ball of sweetness with a little bit of sass. I love it! 

She said "Mama" for the first time on April 8th! "Dada" on May 1st in Amsterdam, and says "bababa" all day long!

She is getting more hair! The bottom on it will curl a little bit. 

She does this new thing where she screams! She has found her lungs! And it is never the same scream. Its so funny and cute! 

She claps when you clap. Or if you say "clap, clap, clap" one hand open and the other in a fist.

Every month just gets better and more fun!

Navy's Easter Dress

I found this pretty white dress before Navy was born 
and had to save it for something special!
What better day than Easter??

I love Easter and the meaning behind it.
Because of him, I get to be with this girl and her daddy forever.
I love my Savior and am thankful for his eternal plan! 

Navy's First Easter

Navy gets to celebrate each holiday two times!
Lucky girl!
Double the candy, double the presents, double the fun!

We went on two Easter egg hunts,
which really entailed Ammon and I chasing everything down because we are both so competitive!
She loved the suckers most! 

Temple Flowers

Today one of Ammon's best friends got married!
I love going to weddings and seeing how happy all the couples are!
They finally get to be with each other for forever.

We walked around the Draper temple and showed Navy all the pretty flowers.
We wanted to eat them all!
As soon as she could get her hands on a peddle, it would go straight to her mouth!
I love seeing her little personality develop.
She is a wild little flower.